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Remember not all investors are created equal. Below are what are other home sellers have said about working with us:

Tawanna F – Home Seller Testimonial 

“You’ve been a blessing. Hopefully we’ll be done soon. Thank you so very much for cleaning up what’s been such a mess. We really appreciate you.” For Tawanna, she and her husband had already sold their house to another investor 6 months prior and the investor did not fulfill their obligations. We stepped in, took over the property, cleaned it up (including installing a new roof), sold it and paid off Tawanna’s mortgage.

Fernando V – Home Seller Testimonial

“Jared I got all my money back. Thank you for all your help, if it wasn’t for you I would of been stuck in that bad situation.” For Fernando, he had purchased a home for sale by owner from another investor. That investor really but Fernando in a bad situation.

Misty – Home Seller Testimonial

Misty Testimonial

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