Avoid We Buy Houses Scams!

Not all INVESTORS are created equal!!

Have you seen these signs around town? Of course you have, they are everywhere. Did you know that these signs are very cheap and very ILLEGAL in most areas including Forsyth County & Guilford County.? Do you want to trust the sale of a house, a significant investment, to someone who can only afford a $10 sign and is knowingly breaking the law? Additionally, most of the investors who advertise this way have no intention of buying your house and never could!!!!!!

Ways to avoid being scammed:

  • Offers Without Site Visits – if a company is pressuring you to sign a contract and they have not seen your house there is a high likelihood that upon touring the house they will seek a price reduction.
  • Hidden Fees – some companies including the iBuyers charge large fees that greatly reduce the offer price. Be sure to completely read and understand any offer you receive.
  • Certainty of Closing – some investors have never closed a deal. A quick search of any county Register of Deeds Office will tell you if that investor is really experienced or not.
  • Do Your Research – some investors have been around for 15 minutes and some just moved into town. Trust cash home buyers that are experienced.
  • Make it Personal – make sure you deal with a real person. If an investor has an physical office they are more inclined to be legitimate.


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